Faces And Scars
of Melanoma

We Will Not Only Be Heard
We Will Be Seen
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Scars Of Melanoma

With melanoma comes scars and we wear ours proudly. They are part of who we are and are part of our journey. They each tell a story and have made us stronger. We are beautiful. Please take a moment and read these two blog posts: Scars and His Mysterious Ways and True Beauty.
Rich McDonald, proprietor of Hotel Melanoma, has a song, Every Picture Tells A Story, that fits this page well.

Jenny Vincent, stage 0
diagnosed October 18, 2011

Terra Shrader, stage 1b
diagnosed May 2009
Jennifer D. Greer, stage 1a
diagnosed November 10, 2011
Seth Young following brain surgery
to remove melanoma tumors.
Seth died January 26, 2011,  20 years old
Michelle Bain, stage 2a
diagnosed in 2011
Cathleen Branch, stage 1
diagnosed February 2008
Cindy,stage 3+
diagnosed March 2012

Alicia Bowling, stage 3, hip
diagnosed at age 24 in 2006
Danielle Dahm, stage 3
diagnosed 2000
given a 60% chance of surviving 5 years. I am 12 years out!
Faye Parker, stage unknown
diagnosed February 9, 2012
surgery 3-21-12, golfball size tumor near knee Melanoma present in femoral SNB

In the end there are three things that last: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love. Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.

Nicholas Flowers
stage pT4a pNo MX
recently diagnosed and deep in the battle, 20 years old
Keep fighting warriors!!

Tammy Malone, stage 4
diagnosed in 2010

Michaela Snyder, stage 3
diagnosed in July 2012

Tim Vandermolen

Michele Kempf, stage 1a
42 years old when diagnosed

Heather Hasilo, in situ (stage 0)
diagnosed October 16, 2012
surgery on November 15, 2012
42 years old when diagnosed

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